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Meet the team!

Before we start to publish our blog articles, we would like to introduce you to the editorial team this year!

Senior Blog Editor

Alice Hart

Hi, I’m Alice! I’m in my second year of a dual master’s degree between UCL (SSEES) and the Higher School of Economics, Moscow. I am currently in Moscow studying politics and economics. I would like to cover an array of legal subjects for the blog this year; in particular, I aim to explore the numerous crossovers between law, economics and politics. I am especially interested in competition law, so I will be keeping you up to date with some of the most important antitrust cases and news!

Blog Editors

Amal Malik

Hi! I am a third year student of BA Comparative Literature with an interest in commercial law. I have written for several platforms, such as think tanks and a crypto-currency exchange platform. I hope to use my writing skills to demystify legal jargon and make commercial awareness more accessible to students with non-law degrees looking to pivot into the industry!

Jacob Weeks

Hi, I’m Jacob! I am currently a master’s student at SSEES studying History with a focus on the Balkans since 1804. I am primarily interested in corporate law, specifically private equity; however, I will look to cover a range of areas including international arbitration and litigation more broadly.

Quinn Wingkiu Leung

Hi! I’m a first year Laws student at UCL, and I intend on pursuing a career in the legal field in the future. I’m particularly interested in environmental law and property law, so I do hope to explore these issues in depth. There is also the topic of space exploration which will probably become increasingly relevant, so expect to see articles covering that too!

Will Horsfield

Hi, I’m Will! I’m in my second year studying French and Italian at UCL. I’m looking forward to covering a range of topics in the world of commercial law, with a particular focus on high-value transactions and cross-border deals. I’d also like to provide insightful analysis and case studies on international arbitration, something which I’m keen to be involved with in the future.

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