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Welcome to UCL Law for All (LfA) Society, the society that seeks to make a career in law accessible to students of all academic backgrounds. We are a fast-growing society with over 150 members and almost 2000 students subscribed to our mailing list.

Until 2011, UCL did not have a law society that was open to the entire student body. With the Faculty of Laws making up under five percent of the student population and a vast number of non-law students seeking to enter the legal sector, there was a need for change, and Law for All was founded to address this need.

We cater to students of all backgrounds, law and non-law, and seek to promote academic diversity and equal opportunity through our wide range of events and law-related opportunities. Our dedicated committee hosts speaker-led sessions, application and skills-focused workshops and topical debates. We keep our members up to date through our weekly newsletter, website and social media channels, which include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This year’s partnership with the Bar Society provides LfA members with a dedicated outlet for all aspiring barristers – offering the opportunity to participate in inter-university moot competitions across the country as well as close and dedicated access to events, training, and support from leading Chambers and the four Inns of Court.

Our working relationship with leading law firms, graduate recruitment teams, and barristers’ chambers enables us to provide our members with insights into routes into law, work experience and graduate opportunities.

We are committed to supporting all our members this year during continued unusual times. We aim to provide a mixture of in-person and online events to ensure that you will be able to access our content wherever you are in the world. Additionally, we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year, so stay tuned to find out what anniversary events we have in store!

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